Specialized Inspections

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Sewer Scope Inspections

Sewer lines are susceptible to damage from a variety of sources. Root damage, broken pipes, bellied sections, offset joints are all common issues that can lead to a sewer backup. A sewer scope is the only way to determine the condition of the sewer line and is always recommended prior to purchasing a home. Sewer Scope Inspections are incredibly valuable on new constructions too, as these systems are relatively untested and problems, although uncommon, are uncovered by a scope. Our technician will deliver a written and video report to you the same day the inspection is performed.

Wood Destroying Organisms (P&D)

Insects can wreak havoc on a home. We search for wood destroying insects such as; carpenter ants, termites, wood boring beetles, moisture ants, and subterranean termites. In addition, we conduct a comprehensive search for conducive conditions; such as untreated wood to ground contact, wood debris in crawl space, vapor retarders in crawl space/attic, cellulose debris, adequate ventilation in attic and crawl space, and vegetation contact with the homes siding. Pest and dry rot (P&D) reports are completed and delivered alongside a home inspection or available the same day.

Well Flow Testing

We measure water flow in gallons per minute for an extended period of time. This process typically takes 2-4 hours and is often scheduled alongside the home inspection.

Commercial Inspections

Our commercial inspections span a wide variety of building usage types including multifamily dwellings, retail buildings, office buildings, service centers and restaurants. We tailor our reports to meet your inspection needs. Our team of inspectors are capable of inspecting just one component or an entire complex. Inspection and report are based on the accessible visible components of the building. We evaluate the current physical condition and visually review the performance of these systems, looking for evidence of defects or distress.

Walk-Through Consultation

As the name implies, a walk-through consultation is not a home inspection. It is a way for prospective home buyers to get the professional opinion without performing a complete home inspection. Consultations are brief, typically lasting around 30 minutes. No reports or photos will be taken so it is advised that clients are present and prepared to ask questions and take notes. Walk-Through Consultations help you retain a piece of mind in increasingly competitive markets. Insight gained from a walk-through consultation could potentially save thousands in unseen problem repair and help decide if this property fits within your goals.


Every year homes are damaged from a lack of winterization. Secure an empty home from the cold weather. Our inspectors blow out water supply pipes, remove water from toilet bowls and install antifreeze in all traps.

Roof Certifications

Inspection of attic area and signs of roof decompression. We look at valleys, peaks, flashings, roof drainage, and defective roofing materials.

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